Energy and Climate Realities the topic at the next Jupiter Chapter Meeting

Monday, April 2nd Jupiter/Palm Beach Gardens Chapter Dinner Meeting with keynote speaker Mark Wohlschlegel, discussing “Energy and Climate Realities.” 

We have all heard our Commander-In-Chief’s Energy pronouncements – now come to hear the truth about America’s Energy and Climate future presented by a knowledgeable professional who works closely with the Energy and Power Production Industry. 

This is a Must See presentation, “Energy and Climate Realities” !  Plenty of time will be allotted to audience Q&A and participation so you will go away from this Monday’s Jupiter/Palm Beach Gardens Chapter Meeting with knowledge sufficient to set your “Uninformed” friends or family members straight on the subject.

Time: Doors open at 5:30pm, buffet begins at 6pm, meeting starts at 7pm
Buffet Cost: $15 per person (tax and gratuity included); speaker meeting is free
Location: Abacoa Golf Club


One Response to “Energy and Climate Realities the topic at the next Jupiter Chapter Meeting”
  1. barbarafraser says:

    I just received some Obama care. I was notified that I would be getting some of my insurance premiums paid from the Afordable Health Care Act. There was no money taken out of my account as usual on the 4/1. The letter stated that this will expire in 2014. I consider this a sneaky act from the Democrats. When people other than me receive this they may think it is great and vote for Obama. What I realize is there is nothing free and the money is coming from all taxpayers. To me this was done in an effort to get votes for Obama.

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