Craig Henne Now on the Tea Party Channel!

Craig Henne, a very popular conservative radio talk show host in Palm Beach County, was recently fired from WPBR1430AM where he held to 6am to 9am spot for years.  As Craig explains it, he was given the ultimatum to say positive things about Communism or leave.  He would not compromise his beliefs and he left.  That was the bad news last week.

The good news this week is that you can now listen to Craig every weekday on The Tea Party Channel from wherever you have internet access.  He has gone national!  Simply go to Craig Henne Show 7 to 10am daily.

You can speak with Craig on the air and share your views.  Just call (954) 940-0142.

Craig is a true patriot and is not afraid to tackle difficult issues!  Listen in today!

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