Obama is messing with my Religion

He is coming after my Religion

Obama has ignored my rights and the Constitution since he has taken office. His attitude is that he knows best as to what we the people need. He seems to thumb his nose at Congress and get away with it.

This time he has gone too far. When you try to mess with my religion, that is where I really get mad. It is not only the Catholics that are affected by this ruling; it is everyone no matter what your beliefs. If he can tell us that we must or we must not do something just because He thinks it is best, where will it stop? This country was based on a Constitution that protected the rights of everyone no matter of race or creed.
To best sum up I suggest you open the following links and read the stories for yourself.

If you feel the same way as I do, take action and contact your Priests, Rabbis and Ministers to let them know that we are all one and we stand together against this action.

and the liberal E. J. Dionne’s piece last week:


One Response to “Obama is messing with my Religion”
  1. Austin Porfiri says:

    Now, if the church magisterium in America developes a strong enough spine it will stop shooing away mosquitos when bullets are flying overhead and joyfully announce, to their flocks, that the Democratic party has been taken over largely by evildoing progresive liberals and that continued loyalty to that party is akin to aiding and abetting evil. As a further reminder to the magisterium, Jesus was not slow to anger when he threw the money changers out of the temple; in fact, as I recall He was quite angry. What is happening now is far more egregious;and, if they, the apostles of Peter, who are charged with perpetuating Christ’s truth don’t act ,without equivocating, matters are bound to get worst.

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