February meeting in Wellington recap

Pam Wohlschlegel, Leader of  the Tea Party Patriots in this area, shared some of her activities including traveling around Florida with Jenny Beth Martin, national Tea Party Patriot leader, visiting other Tea Party Patriots.  Pam commented that the Patriots are like sleeping tigers ready to re-emerge and assume a much more active role as they did four years ago.  We were reminded to keep the focus on our three principles:  fiscal responsibility, constitutionality, and free markets.  There are a number of tea parties in our country; unlike some others, the Patriots do not endorse candidates.  Pam noted that the Hispanic vote, a major block, is being indoctrinated by the left.  What is it we can do to counter their influence?  Progressives are using the approach of having home meetings.  We need to do the same.

On March 22, a rally will be held on the Supreme Court lawn in D.C.  Florida needs to be there!  Busses will be leaving on February 21, for Tallahassee in preparation for a meeting with our legislators.  Pam emphasized the need for poll watchers.  Irregularities apparently occur when members of our group are not present.

Sharon Bock, Comptroller and Clerk, was the main speaker for the evening.  An attorney, Sharon has been in her elected position for 14 years.  She employs 750 individuals, none of whom make policy.  All county funds, amounting to well over a billion dollars, must go through Ms. Bock’s office in order to be spent.  She is an auditor and a watchdog who signs all checks.  Before checks are signed three criteria must be satisfied:  is there a public good involved, is the expenditure legal, and is it in the budget?  Ms. Bock’s speech was an impassioned one in which she gave many examples of how she functions and how she is constantly confronted with obstacles.  Her talk was very educational since many of us were not aware of how the individual in this position operates nor how important her position is to the well being of Palm Beach County.

Pictures by Boris Balaban.

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