2/19/2012 Federal Legislative Update

The Palm Beach County Tea Party wants you to be up to date on what is happening in Washington DC.  We are all asked questions by our friends and family and it is important to have some key talking points at hand. To this end, this post is the first in our series of legislative updates that we will publish each week on this website.

Click here to read the 2/19/2012 TPP Legislative Update that includes key information on the following:

  • update on situation in Wisconsin
  • budget situation and President Obama’s budget
  • the Payroll Tax Deal
  • the Rotten Highway Bill
  • the latest Crony Capitalism
  • an analysis of the current Deficit Spending
  • an analysis of Regulations and Jobs
  • the latest on repealing Obamacare
  • what is happening in Eduction
  • new developments in Sustainable Development and Property Rights
  • nationwide Illegal Immigration updates
  • current Constitutional Issues
  • Weekly Wrap Up on US House of Representatives


2 Responses to “2/19/2012 Federal Legislative Update”
  1. Laura Henning says:

    Your legislative update section is amazing!

  2. tom reynolds says:

    Good summary. To get spending under control, and to protect what liberities we have left, the spending on war, research and weapons for war, foreign bases, intelligence gathering, and falsely asserted domestic security must be drastically reduced, and entire departments eliminated. The Executive Order permitting federal employee unionizarion must be rescinded. If you think Gingrich Romney or Santorum will make any necessary changes, you aren’t well-informed.

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