Tea Party Express Bus Tour in West Palm Beach w Newt Gingrich

As you may or may not know, our Palm Beach County Tea Party is a non-profit organization affiliated with the national organization, Tea Party Patriots. The Tea Party Patriots is a 501C4 and does not endorse candidates.

There is another national tea party organization called the Tea Party Express. They are a PAC and do endorse candidates. Because we all have the same objectives to promote fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free markets, it is important that all of the tea party organizations support each other in the coming months.

There will be a Tea Party Express Rally this evening, January 28 at 7:30pm as the Tea Party Express Bus pulls through on the Florida “Rallying for Victory” tour. Join other South Florida activists for this event at Howard Park, 1302 Parker Avenue, West Palm Beach.CLICK HERE for more information.


4 Responses to “Tea Party Express Bus Tour in West Palm Beach w Newt Gingrich”
  1. Robert Baltz Robert Baltz says:

    If The Tea Party of Palm Beach County truly has limited government and fiscal responsibility as their goals, then why on Earth in their “Primary Voters Guide” would they ask GOP primary candidates a question like this: “It is difficult for a President to “change Washington” – how will you work with the existing DC environment and avoid both frustration and/or corruption by it?”

    You must admit, this is not a question that one would expect to hear from Tea Party activists, at least not the ones I saw before the 2010 elections. It sounds more like a Sunday talk show question on CNN. If this is what has become of the movement so soon after its conception, it might as well give up! Does the Tea Party now want a President that will go along to get along in the “existing DC environment”? If that is the case, then what I thought was a spirited movement, has become very jaded indeed and will not in my opinion, achieve much in the future. I hope I am wrong! Sincerely, Robert Baltz

    • Fred Scheibl says:

      I fear you didn’t understand the question. Many Presidents and Presidential candidates, including George W. Bush, ran on a pledge to “change the way Washington works.” Once elected it is business as usual. The question was not how to “work within” the existing environment but to “work with”. The existing system of executive bureaucracy, congressional staff, K Street lobbyists and cronies of all sorts is as immutable as the Mandarin technocrats that spanned many a Chinese dynasty. To fix DC you must first acknowledge the enemy. Not doing so is equivalent to the Obama administration omitting Radical Islam from its pantheon of issues. The question was intended to see how the candidates view the possiblity of radical change – read the answers – Perry and Santorum understood what the question was about.

  2. Laura Henning says:

    I was very interested to read Fred Scheible’s descrlption of a Newt rally earlier this week because I attended the TPP one in WPB on Jan. 28. I arrived an hour early before the 7:30 rally at Howard Park near the Armory Gallery in order to get a parking spot. I need not have worried; there were more people playing basketball under lights than early arrivals. With its horn blaring the familier red bus rolled into the parking lot just a half hour late. Alas there were no more than 30 people there and an unending number of speakers. I finally had to leave because my handicapped son who came with me began to act up so I never got to hear Newt. I’ll take your word that he was actually on the bus; I saw no sign of him. It was late and I was tired as we sped up the 95 back to our home.

    • Iris says:

      I don’t believe he was on the bus since he was at the Lincoln Day dinner at Kravis and didn’t arrive there until after 9. At 7:05 he was still speaking in Tampa. He was expected to go out to the TPE rally after he spoke at Lincoln Day – so it would have been after 9:30. TPE was expected to endorse Newt. Perhaps someone who was there will post what actually happened.

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