Rally with Mitt Romney on Sunday in Pompano Beach

A lot of folks have asked about opportunities to see the various candidates prior to the vote on Tuesday. Mitt Romney will be in the area at a rally in Pompano Beach on Sunday evening:

When: January 29, 2012 – 6:30pm – 7:00pm

Host: Team Florida

Where: Emma Lou Olson Civic Center
1801 Northeast 6th Street,
Pompano Beach, FL 33060

Click on the link for map and directions. The event is free and RSVP isn’t required, however it would be useful for attendance estimates.

To RSVP or for more information, contact TeamSouthFL@MittRomney.com or (813) 658-8825.


6 Responses to “Rally with Mitt Romney on Sunday in Pompano Beach”
  1. Edward B White says:

    Mitt Romney will make us proud of what America is all about. he will be a great prsident. It time to start getting out of the mess. It will take time and I know Mitt can do it. He is mainly a business men who has been very successful. he certainly has the tools for the White House job.

    May God Bless Mitt Romney and his family.

    • Joseph Murratti says:

      Mitt Romney couldn’t carry ROSS PEROT’s jock strap. Perot is a REAL BUSINESSMAN. Romney is a CORPORATED RAIDER who came up with OROMNEY CARE which obuma modeled Obamacare after. He’s just masquarading as a moderate just to get the ESTABLISHMENT RINOS SELECTION for the nomination. This is about TPP against the ESTABLISHMENTS SELECTION….WE, THE PEOPLE CHOOSE, not them.

      • Joseph Murratti says:

        Why do you think Ronmey is out-spending Gingrich 3-1? And ALL WITH NEGATIVE ADS. Newt only went negative AFTER ROMNEY BROKE REAGAN’S 11th Commandment. BUT,
        “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”…YOU DECIDE what is BEST FOR OUR CONSTITUTIONALLY-LED COUNTRY !!! For me, it certainly ISNT O’ROMNEY.

  2. Bill Donovan says:

    As a former Massachusetts resident, I can attest to the liberal policies and inclinations of Mitt Romney. I am shocked any Tea Party organization would support him. Romney just went along to get along and had no backbone. Romney will say or do anything to get elected. I was a Republican Town Committee Chairman when Romney ran first for the U.S. Swenate and then for Governor and had difficulty in getting the ranks behind him as most members felt he only ran for office as an opportunist and not because of any belief in what the Republican Party stood for. It was very easy for an attractive, well funded Republican to advance within the party in a state where the GOP accounts for only 13% of registered voters. Mitt would have had a harder time getting any nomination as a Democrat, so he ran to the other side.

    The tone (and outright distortions) Romney has set in this campaign will cause many conservatives to look to a 3rd party in the event Romney wins. I would rather vote for a Libertarian than a phony. We need real change in Washington if this country is to remain strong. Romney will not bring that change that’s needed… he is a good ole boy who will do what Wall Street and the GOP establishment want him to do. It is no coincidence that those people who have best espoused the goals of the Tea Party (Palin, Perry, Cain) are all lining up against Romney.

    We need change and Romney is just more of the same…………..

  3. tom reynolds says:

    A core Tea Party principle is reduction of federal government spending. Romney has offered NO specific cuts he’ll make. Just the opposite,he has crtiticized the very timid reductions in military spending–over TEN YEARS–Obama has proposed.. Everything out of Romney’s mouth is a memorized generalization, e.g. “turn the economy around”, “create jobs”, “restore America’s greatness”, and so forth. How? HIs campaign strategists assumed there would be no serious contest for the nomination, so they drilled him to make no commitments, promises, or avowals. Thereby, if he became president, he’d have a free hand to pander to Big Finance, Big Weapons Makers, and the beneficiaries of Big Government. He is the antithesis of what and who the Tea Party claims to represent. He is for spending, especially on another unnecessary, criminally aggressive foreign war.with Iran, and expanding the LOST WAR against the Afghan people, who had nothing to do with demolishing three New York towers. Even now, He refuses to state specifically what programs he’d cut to avert national bankruptcy–assisted by the juvenile, irrelevant questioning of hacks like Williams and Blitzer. His tax proposal? Exclude interest income from taxation for the middle class. Brilliant. Interest rates are at .1% (1/10th
    of one percent), which means $100,000 in a savings account earns $100/year.. How generous! Obama was a mystery, whom the bellicose boob McCain was too stupid and lazy to unveil ( McCain beat the Romulan easily), so there was an excuse for voting his way. For Romney, there would be no excuse.

  4. Joseph Murratti says:

    Romney…simply put, is Obuma LITE. He is the Establishment Republicans CHOSE, NOT the Tea PARTY PATRIOT’S CHOSE. If you have Dole, McCain, Jeb Bush, & ALL THE OTHER Establishment RINOS supporting Romney, ..then what does that tell you. THEY HATE NEWT because they know he WILL NOT lick their boots…be controlled by them, THE ELITISTS.
    All you have to do is LOOK AT ROMNEY’s PAST RECORD of what he did as Gov. of Massachusetts. PEOPLE, WHAT ELSE DO YOU THINK COMES OUT OF MASSACHSETTS BUT PROGRESSIVE LIBERALS. Romney is just one in DISGUISE. He may to try to portray himself as a MODERATE NOW, but wait till he possibly gets the Republican domination…OBUMS will DESTROY HIM IN THE DEBATES…while Gingrich will be a precise, accurate, methodical STATESMAN, who KNOWS he has been FORGIVEN for past mistakes.
    No one would have the COURAGE to ask Obuma about his PAST but Gingrich. Where are ALL obuma’s past records? His PASSPORTS RECORDS? His COLLEGE RECORDS? HIS SOCIAL SECURITY RECORDS…AND ALL HIS ENTIRE PAST THAT WAS NEVER VETTED? ONLY NEWT would ask the HARD-BALL QUESTIONS !!

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