Jupiter/PBG Chapter Energized and Ready to Tackle 2012!

This was our first meeting at Abacoa Golf Club and we had a great turnout.  Several folks were new to the Palm Beach County Tea Party – thanks to all for coming!

Mark Wohlschlegel entertained the attendees while we enjoyed the buffet dinner. 

Chapter leader, Gary Summers, kicked off the meeting at 7pm with a welcome, the Pledge of Allegiance and the Star-Spangled Banner.   Then Pam Wohlschlegel, Chairman and County Coordinator, took the podium.  Since there were new attendees, she stated the groups 3 tenets and talked about our upcoming meeting in Boca on Tuesday (tomorrow)  featuring Congressman Allen West,  and next week’s Presidential Preference Portfolio event on January 10th as well as the associated member survey and voter’s guide.  Pam also talked about the need for volunteers in all aspects of our operations.    She also mentioned the new organization that Barry Carson is kicking off – the new Jupiter/Tequesta Republican Organization.  The group’s goals will be to be an activist group, not a dinner-club – with each of the members expected to be REC members, or poll-watchers and to join campaigns.

Gary then introduced our guest speaker, Guido (George) Lombardi.  An acclaimed author and international expert, Mr. Lombardi is the Executive Director of the North Atlantic League, (www.northatlanticleague.us ) which promotes positive foreign relations between Italy, Israel, and the United States. In addition, he is a leader in the Tea Party Italy, which has brought the values of small government and more personal freedom to Italy.

Mr. Lombardi began by telling us about the new Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Monti – and how the first things he’s done is raise taxes even on the smallest of items.  The European Union (EU) is stomping on each of the 3 tea party tenets every day.  The speaker said that the Prime Minister of Hungary stated the desire for Hungary to leave the EU, and that there is tremendous resentment through-out the EU for the un-elected leadership of the EU called the European Commission – which is an entirely appointed body.  Lombardi stated that the EU was convinced to print money as a way out of their financial difficulties by our Secretary of the Treasury – Timothy Geithner.

He also stated that much of the Italian economy is ‘underground’ and thriving.  He spoke positively about Sylvio Berlusconi, who is a personal friend.  Mr. Lombardi felt that Berlusconi’s conservative government, and business background, drove a lot of the more conservative government that have won elections throughout the EU.   

China’s impact on Italy was also a fascinating piece of Mr. Lombardi’s talk.  He described how small farms were being purchased by Chinese groups; then produce/farm products from other countries were delivered on Chinese ships to nearby ports and sold throughout the country in lieu of local production.  Struggling farmers were attracted to the large cash buyouts. 

Several questions were asked by audience members.  Mr. Lombardi concluded his talk by saying that he was optimistic that we would all prevail if we stood up for what we believe!

Some pictures from Fred and Ed:


2 Responses to “Jupiter/PBG Chapter Energized and Ready to Tackle 2012!”
  1. ann bordine says:

    My husband and I are new to Juno Beach and would like very much to come to your next meeting. I have recently registered with the Palm Beach Tea Party. If you would be so kind to send me an email with an upcoming date, this would be wonderful. Thank you, Ann

    • PBCTP PBCTP says:

      Ann – we have registered you on the website so you will get future email notices. Our next meeting is the Presidential Primary event on January 10 in West Palm Beach. You can always see the upcoming events on the calendar under the “Events” tab.

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