Alex Berry on the CBS Evening News


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  1. Austin Porfiri says:

    Surprised eh? I’m not. For some reason, perhaps attributable to my upbringing, I tend to gravitate towards individuals that are known to be principled, have a reliable moral compass, know right from wrong,are not money grubbers, who also believes in the institution of marriage, and believes family is the underpinning of a vibrant peaceful society that believes in preserving the dignity of all of humanity. Santorum also believes in protecting America from all enemies.. Rick Santorum fits the profile of someone who I would like to be our president and the leader of the free world. Apparently a lot of people agree with my assessment of the Republican candidates at this time.

    The liberal media has to feel very uncomfortable with the recent deveopments. Santorum is too clean, They barely gave Rick Santorum the opportunity to speak. Does anyone remember Santorum’s reaction? He spoke up and demanded a fair opportunity to present his views. As a Tea party member this is the America I believe in.

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