Wellingon Chapter discusses Term Limits

Gina Rascati, Wellington Chapter Leader, began our November meeting by reporting on the State Tea Party Convention in Daytona Beach.  Pam Wohlschlegel, president of Palm Beach County Tea Party and state co-ordinator for Tea Party Patriots, announced the senatorial forum for our December meeting. 

Philip Blumel, our keynote speaker, was acknowledged as the leader of the effort to set term limits for the Palm Beach County Commission.  He is also the national director of  US Term Limits and discussed the importance of term limits and how voters overwhelmingly approve term limits whenever it’s on the ballot.  The lawmakers are the ones that oppose it.  But, Philip ascerted that there are way more of “us” than “them”. 

Announcements:  Pam mentioned two events for this week – Tuesday, 11/15, Anita MonCrief – Acorn Whistleblower/Brandon Darby – FBI Informant; and a Herman Cain Rally on Wednesday 11/16.  Terry Brady – co-founder, mentioned the upcoming Fashion Show Luncheon.  Mike Lamayer, candidate for Fl. Senate District 25 was also present.

Blumel’s mother won the 50/50 raffle-$60.00.  Binks Forest provided a scrumptious buffet (salad, rolls, green beans, carrots, barbecue ribs, mashed potatoes, beef sirloin and chocolate cake for desert.  We ended the meeting well nourished and informed.

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