Senator Nelson Calls for Investigation of Conservative Activists

Some of you may have received this letter from our Democrat Senator. He is claiming that

“..a handful of super-rich conservative activists are behind an orchestrated effort to keep millions of seniors, younger voters and minorities from casting ballots next year…”

and he is calling for a Senate investigation to

“..see if Florida’s law was part of a plan that led to similar voting law changes in more than a dozen other states this year.” and then “.. I have asked the Justice Department to look into who’s behind these changes. “

This is chilling. Where was Senator Nelson when Acorn was subverting the election process all across the country and Black Panthers were intimidating voters at the polls. This is a part of an organized effort to weaken our election laws and all the more reason why everyone who is able should volunteer as a poll worker or watcher to help keep elections fair.


2 Responses to “Senator Nelson Calls for Investigation of Conservative Activists”
  1. barbara grossman says:

    Senato r Nelson since your so concerned about the votes in Florida, why don’t you look into the absentee ballots that are going to dead people in broward county. Maybe you should be a senator for the people not against the people in your vote in congress. Maybe its politicians like you that make the voting public angry. Don’t we count for anything or have you been in DC to long with your buddies that your out of touch with no jobs, gas prices,health insurance etc. Oh excuse me I know you don’t pay for any of it , including student loans.

  2. Archie says:

    Bill Nelson is just another mouth for the George Soros communist party of America. I wish he would explain where and what government service one can obtain without ID and that is what they don’t like. ID could stop some of the millions of non-citizens from voting.
    Maybe the state of Florida should look into who is paying him to act the fool that he is.

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