The Federal Government is Out of Control

Our founding fathers warned us about the natural progression of the federal government—and they drafted a brilliant document called the US Constitution to try to preclude this from happening.  However, the majority of our elected officials today either don’t understand or appreciate what is in this document—the attached video is worth watching—all this is going on under “YOUR” watch—and there is only one way in this country that you can change this—it will happen in November of 2012—don’t miss it—each and everyone of you can make a “CHANGE”.  If it is not changed in Nov 2012—it is not “their” fault—it IS YOURS!

A short video you really should see
Government jobs – This is truly shocking
Just a short video you really should and must see…..a real eye opener!
If you seldom watch a forwarded video, I urge you to watch this one.
I did not realize that the numbers were this large and was very shocked.
It’s rather short so does not take long to view it….
If this doesn’t open your eyes nothing will.


One Response to “The Federal Government is Out of Control”
  1. nick warner says:

    The US Government has been out of control for longer than anyone could possible imagine. It dates back to before we were taken off the gold standard. This “plan” is similar to the Bible in that MANY people took a part in creating it and it was more than one generation. The Bible was created over centuries and the Government take over plan was created over decades. When we were taken off the gold standard, The US gov. stole everyone’s gold and stored it away in Fort Knox. Well, Fort Knox is empty now and the price of gold is fixed. Without our Government lying, gold prices would quadruple over night. The value of the dollar would shrink to less than what the paper it is printed on is worth and then we’d have total chaos and anarchy. A public audit has not been performed on Fort Know since the early 70’s, meaning no one knows what is in there now. All of the locals and previous workers repeatedly state that Fort Know has NO GOLD. The US Government stole its citizens gold, stuck it all in fort know, and then slowly sold it off to control the price of gold and capitalize off it. The US government is BROKE. They are pushing harder than ever to locate funds- the IRS is auditing a record number of companies and people, numerous new “taxes and fines” have been passed more than doubling the price of doing business with the government, and the us government is a drug dealer. Ever heard of a “methodone clinic”? that is simply the us government getting people stuck on a drug FOR LIFE. THEY NEVER DOWN A PATIENTS “MEDICATION” They keep giving them more and more!!!! AND THE TAXPAYERS PAY FOR IT!!! The US government generates 100’s of millions of dollars each year by being a drug dealer. It’s ok if the government does it but dont you dare think of doing it to support your family, only the government can sell drugs. Obama is a communist- point blank. GOOGLE JORDAN MAXWELL WATCH HIS VIDEOS. Obama’s symbols in his advertisements are VERY SIMILAR to those used by HITLER! Both use the sun a symbol and that is fine, but it is the coloration and design of the sun’s that are crazy. Obama took a sun symbol RIGHT off a nazi document and used it as his own! HE USES A COMMUNIST SYMBOL! ITS FAR MORE THAN JUST OBAMA- IT IS THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT!!!! DONT PAY YOUR TAXES! DON”T PAY THE GOVERNMENT ANY MONEY!!!! GOV TAKE OVER 2012 BE DAMNED!!!!!!!!!!!

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