Patriotic Poem

From Border to Boarder

by Paula Maxwell


I love you from border to border

And from sea to shining blue sea

When you’re wearing your star spangled banner

You’re a sight for the eyes to perceive


I love all your snow covered mountains

And the eagles who nest in your trees

I love all your valleys and Rivers

That peacefully flow to the sea


I’ll defend you whenever you need me

And I pray to God it won’t be

And I’m ready whenever you call me

My sweet land of the brave and the free


And one day when my life is over

And my soul in eternity sleeps

Cover me with the star spangled banner

In the warmth of the brave  and the free


about the author:

Paula Maxwell Bio

o  Born in Matanzas, Cuba

o  Came to the United States in 1948 with her husband (U.S. Marine)

o  Mastered the English language

o  Mother of 5 children, grandmother of 5

o  College graduate

o  Montessori Instructor

o  Singer, Guitarist, Poet

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