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In response to the Immigration debate and an opinion piece that I read in the Washington Post entitled From Ellis Island to an electrified fence, why America is so torn on immigration,  I personally have no gripes with immigrants coming to our country legally. After all, that is how our great country was built.

Every one of us has a family member that originally came to this country from some foreign country. My major concern is when we allow people to come through our borders and have no check on them to see if they’re criminals or terrorists. They also take the jobs, get benefits and strain our economy.

We need a strong President who will close our borders, and enforce the laws already on the books.  We don’t need to have more regulations, we just need someone who knows how to lead and enforce the regulations we already have.
Let’s all work together and look forward to 2012 when we can really make a difference at the voting booth!!!!

(editor:  Join the conversation and also attend the panel this Thursday, October 27 sponsored by the Republican Club of the Palm Beaches, entitled Illegal Immigration in Florida: Conservative Solutions to a Growing Problem)


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  1. Dave Francis says:

    As illegal foreign workers leave, owing to the E-Verify system being used by hundreds of thousands of honest business owners, it’s not surprisingly those jobs are being rapidly refilled by low income, blue and white collar unemployed Americans. Read the internet news of reports of lightening raids by ICE, which explains the sudden emergence of for ‘hire’ signs, as factories, plants, stores and construction are looking for legal job seekers. This is being persistently illustrated all throughout America, from the school janitor, roofers, manufacturing and across the occupational workforce. President Obama started a sound policy of deportations, but with the advisement from his Department of Justice attachment, there anti-America worker Liberal doctrines are now being observed through their attacks on different states. Currently the Democratic left is using an iron gauntlet against states, which will not be trodden down by judges and the courts.

    Allowing foreign aliens to squat in this sovereign nation permanently without hindrance, is not what our law abiding country believes should happen. Obama’s administration has been corrupted by his Liberal czars such as Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi, and Janet Napolitano and very strongly by Sen. Harry Reid, who nearly crippled E-Verify some years back. Since the stronger reappearance of E-Verify, Reid, and his cynic politicians has tried to weaken its influence, with the persistence of special interest lobbyists and radical open border organizations.

    We must consider the consequences of not implementing the injection of the Lama Smith E-Verify program, the Legal Workforce Act, today and in the future. If the American people don’t demand Mandatory E-Verify, millions more people from South of our border and by international flights, will take advantage of us. The E-Verify program is a simple, an easy operational program that anybody can operate from a computer. But there are many lies spewing from those who are gaining much profit by the dismantling of this application. Foreign nationals will arrive in droves eating away at our failing educational system, health care and every form of Medicaid and welfare assistance. Over 100 billion dollars annually are already spent on the 20 million and more already here, but this is not a static dollar figure; it is rising constantly? Ask the officials in Los Angeles County, California and Clarke County, Nevada of how much is bled from their diluted welfare systems. Most states are in an unparalleled financial mess, from these entitlement programs. If President Obama and his current Imperial Court enter a second term in the White House, does that signify a new mass Amnesty is looming? Does that mean this country that is already suffering from the unfettered invasion, going to cough-up over $2.6 trillion dollars to make those already here comfortable? This is the heart palpitating analysis the Heritage Foundation has concluded on?

    Call the Washington switchboard today and request the phone numbers of the House Ways and Means Committee on E-Verify Immigration program at 202-224-3121 insisting they vote for E-Verify the ‘Legal Workforce Act’ (H.R. 2885 bill.) You can also go to NumbersUSA website and be apprised of the current immigration situation, costs and rhetoric from the Liberal politicians and the unceasing pressure of the progressives and extremists. At the NumbersUSA site they have access to a free faxing system, so you can exclusively contact the reluctant lawmakers against E-Verify. In addition join your local TEA PARTY as millions have already, as this is the only route on commonsense to stop illegal immigration. A TEA PARTY majority in Washington means the dismantling of Sanctuary Cities, the Dream Act and no more Obama amnesties or Immigration reforms. In most cases it’s about money, greed and power. Mandatory E-Verify is a federal program, which nobody can get a waiver from once voted on. As Americans we can make a massive difference, on who comes to this country? People with high level degrees in technology, science and math, we should be given priority. Others with financial capital to invest should also receive priority visas.

    Those who are looking for a handout, arriving from any country in the world should not be admitted. Since the 1986 Immigration mass amnesty, we have been importing poverty that is a fiscal nightmare for all of us. We also need field and agricultural worker, but not until the real double layer fence covers every inch of our border with Mexico and come here with legal authority, so they can be tracked. We need more ‘boots on the ground’ whether border agents of a permanent military presence, to interdict criminal from across our poorly constructed border barrier.

    It’s evident to millions of Americans that the left side will be blinded, intentionally or not in the next election for President. Therefore, we need to scrutinize the integrity of our federal voting system, which must be overseen in every constituency. Absentee ballots are especially open to abuse and every effort must be accomplished to stop voter fraud and illegal aliens registering to vote. Violating our most sacred voting rights shows that the Democratic Party will stoop to any level, to gain the power by ignoring groups as ACORN and other innocuous new voter canvassing groups hunting for registration signatures; whether a new citizen or not?

    member of the Arizona Tea Party.

  2. Al Raden Al Raden says:

    I would characterize myself as ‘Pro-legal immigration’. I’ve never understood why one of Obama’s sources of power – the labor unions – are not against him on his immigration policies; until I accepted that the labor unions are not pr-worker, they’re pro-power.

    It’s interesting to look at the Ellis Island website if your family entered there. I found my grandparents, and it was interesting to see the questions on the forms of the times. We were a nation of strength at that time, and looked for people who would become part of the engine of America. They had to undergo a physical exam, attest that they’d never been in a ‘mental institution’ or ‘poor house’ and were of good character; they had to have some cash on them, and an address to go to. In reviewing the manifest of the ship, it was interesting to see that most of the people of the same town were going to the same address and all had $18; they were probably passing around the same money. These were people who weren’t looking for a handout, but an opportunity.

    – A;

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