Learning Essential Grassroots Tools for Victory in 2012

Hello Friends and Fellow Patriots,

The 2010 election was a symbolic victory for freedom lovers, economic conservatives and free-markets thinkers, but 2012 is for all the marbles. The Left is already getting organized big time. In fact, I just received an email message from President Barak Obama (or whoever writes his emails) asking me to join his activist organization in Jupiter!

Conservatives are much less savvy than progressives in the art of activism and community organizing. We must learn how to do this if we are going to be successful in 2012!

Here is our chance to participate in a free event where we can learn about Essential Grassroots Tools for Victory in 2012. These tools are essential if we, the Palm Beach County Tea Party, are going to be effective. This seminar is being brought to us by an amazing group of very strong conservative organizations: Americans for Prosperity, American Majority, True the Vote, Victory in a Box, Liberty Linked, Boots of Liberty, and Voices Empowered. They are coming all together for one incredible seminar entitled GOT Vote Florida, part of the Victory in 2012 Tour — Grassroots Essential Tools.

Date: Friday, September 16, 2011
Time: 7:00 to 9:30pm
Location: LaStone room in the Executive Meeting Center at the DoubleTree Hotel
Address: 4431 PGA Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens

Click on the following link to reserve your seat: GOT Vote America

Join us and become better equipped to claim your neighborhood (Precinct) in preparation for the 2012 election cycle. Please feel free to forward invite to all other like-minded friends and family!  This could be one of the most significant things you do this month!

If you cannot make this date, note that this same seminar will be in Coral Springs on Thursday evening, Sept. 15th.

Yours in Hope & Action,

Pam Wohlschlegel

C0-Founder and County Coordinator

Palm Beach County Tea Party


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  1. Karen M. Karen M. says:

    This presentation was eye opening and informative event. I attended the event in Jacksonville last month. Our group is gathering poll workers and poll watchers to help out in the next election. If we don’t get involved Obama will win again, this time by voter fraud. There was an election in Duval back in May 2011, where there was voter fraud. The Dems. had Organizing for America and Move on .org come to town and find polls that they could send workers to.

    See video:


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