Labor Day ‘BBQ’ and the Rooneys Pack the House

The Jupiter/PBG Chapter of PBCTP went indoors for our BBQ, since we were expecting hot outdoor temperatures. Good thing, as an early evening downpour would surely have made for uncomfortable conditions. Over 200 patriots turned out – roughly a quarter of whom were new to the Tea Party. A lot of volunteers helped with check-in and registration, raffle and t-shirt donations and keeping things running smoothly – thanks to all!

Mark Wohlschlegel and his band performed during the buffet dinner. Anita Carbone, Chapter Director, kicked off the meeting and then had Representative Pat Rooney do the invocation, after which Congressman Tom Rooney led the crowd in the Pledge, and the National Anthem. Anita described the agenda and upcoming meetings and introduced Pam Wohlschlegel, PBCTP Chair. Pam recounted some nasty quotes of the day – describing Tea Party members as something other than ‘workers’, SOB’s who should be taken out (by Jimmy Hoffa), and Barbarians (by Vice-President Biden). Pam introduced Fred Scheibl, who described the CC3 project, the upcoming PBC Budget Hearings, and future calls to action. Anita then kicked off the keynote speakers – Representative Pat Rooney (FL District 83) who then introduced his brother, Congressman Tom Rooney (16th Congressional District, FL).

Pat spoke about redistricting and the upcoming legislative session. Tom addressed what he felt were critical issues facing the country, including foreign policy and the middle east and the impact on Homeland Security. He spent quite awhile describing the Debt Limit vote and the failure of the US Senate and Majority Leader Reid (D – Nevada) to bring any bills to the floor. The impasse on progress in Congress will remain, unless the Senate acts, or until the 2012 elections when it is vital to elect someone other than President Obama and to take control of the Senate.

After both gentlemen spoke, Anita introduced elected and former elected officials in the room – Hal Valeche (former PBG City Councilman), Bill Diamond (Palm Beach Town Councilman) and David Levy (Mayor, Palm Beach Gardens). The mics were then turned to the audience, which had a lot of good questions spanning topics of Immigration, spending, military bases, Libya, unacceptable numeric nutrient water quality EPA actions, taxation, etc). Anita concluded the meeting by having candidates stand up and introduce themselves. We had: Mike Lamayer, running for FL Senate and Hal Valeche, Albert Key, Laura Hanley and David Levy – all running for Palm Beach County Commission District 1. There is at least one other candidate for this position – so it should be an interesting race!

Join us for upcoming meetings – the next Jupiter/PBG meeting will be on October 3rd featuring “The Devil at My Doorstep” author David Bego.

Photos from Ed and Fred


2 Responses to “Labor Day ‘BBQ’ and the Rooneys Pack the House”
  1. Mary says:

    The BBQ looked really fun and interesting. A big thank you to all the organizers. I wish I could have been there!

  2. laura henning`` says:

    The new PBCTP is extremely exciting and energetic. Lots of new members and huge turnouts at the meetings. To those who say the tea party movement is dying out, I say hogwash!

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