Volunteers Needed

The Palm Beach County Tea Party is seeking volunteers to join our grassroots action team.

During the elections next year, this team will use a variety of tools to educate the public on the candidates and their positions. Methods will include making phone calls, walking neighborhoods, attending candidate rallies, and generally spreading the word about candidates who espouse our core principles of Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government and Free Markets.

In August and September, we are starting a pilot project to hone our skills, debug our tools, and work to prevent another increase in our county tax rates. Participants who complete an assignment on this project will receive formal recognition as a Palm Beach County Tea Party Grassroots Activist, and be included in future team activities and events.

Projects will be starting the first week in August, so sign-up now! Given the August heat, most activities will involve making local calls from the air-conditioned comfort of your home, and attending several public meetings. If you can join us, please send a note to action@palmbeachcountyteaparty.org and someone will contact you shortly.

Thank you,
The PBCTP Action Team


2 Responses to “Volunteers Needed”
  1. ken jones says:

    Sick of the governmental takeover and ready to get involved on a limited basis. I believe in the core principles outlined in the information I’ve read. Time to stand up for our childrens right to this country and against all of the voltures picking the bones of what used to be a great country.

  2. david caesar says:

    i have lived in new york city (queens) for 66 1/2 years. i recently (7/11) purchased a unit in a gated adult community in west palm beach so i will be living in both places. as my vote is useless in nyc i plan to make florida my domicile. i have contributed to several conservative politicians (including michelle bachmann) as well as conservative organizations. i had worked for and been an officer in three democratic party clubs over the years but i have completely switched my allegiance. i voted for mccain in ’08 and have not voted for any democrats since ’05. i did not think obama was fit to be president and he has been far worse than i feared. i believe that my democratic friends have fallen for a socialistic (if not communistic) agenda and have moved away from the positions that i have held. i have changed (becoming more conservative) in such issues as gun control, abortion, border security national defense etc. while it took me many years to become a conservative thinking person, my “conversion” if you will is heart-felt and i am truly afraid that another term for obama will perhaps permanently destroy this once great country. it is almost as urgent for the republican-conservative alliance to wrest control of the senate and if they could get 61 seats that would be fantastic. i tried to click onto the “action@palmbeach…” site but it could not go through (hopefully, this will.) i will be in west palm for part of august, most of september then must return to nyc but will be back for the winter as of november. i no longer have the energy that i once had to do politicking but would like to help. thank you. david

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