Unpublished Letter to the Editor of WSJ

This letter was not published by the Wall Street Journal so we are publishing it here on our we website.  It is a very well-stated list of concerns about the Debt Ceiling legislation:

Dear Editor:

What is the reader to believe? Paul Ryan’s “Where’s Your Budget, Mr.President?” (Aug 3) fairly asks the president that question as the president and the Congress have pushed huge new costly programs like ObamaCare but they have not produced a budget to pay for them. This budget deal they passed doesn’t cut anything that can be measured and adds at least $7 trillion to the debt.  Ryan says that Republicans passed a bill that “cuts more than a dollar for every dollar it increases the debt limit, without raising taxes.”  And that Republicans “won the policy debate by securing the first of many spending restraints…” to avoid calamity.  Excuse me, but if there is a $2.4 trillion increase in debt this year and much more in the next few years, how can Ryan make those claims? You can’t call many $trillions in new spending (debt) a tax cut! If Ryan can point to any cuts at all they are not from current spending but from cuts in projected increased spending. We are not being treated honestly by the professional politicians or the media.

And the “Super Committee” created in this bill will surely have as their focus ways to increase taxes without having to go through all the trouble of full debate as our Constitution provides and we, the people, are entitled to expect. Whatever they come up with will be offered on a take-it-or-leave-it basis on an up or down vote.

The WSJ and others call this a victory for the TEA parties?  This bill being called a victory is the exact opposite of what the TEA parties have expressed in all of our actions all over the country for three years, at least.  Cut, Cap and Balance has been our appeal to our elected officials, our representatives, and we got no cut, no cap and not anything near a balanced budget.

George Blumel, Atlantis FL 33462

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