Smart Meter???

There is continual interest, speculation and concern surrounding Smart Meters and Smart Meter Grids. The first Florida community to resist the implementation of Smart Meters that I have heard of is Lakeshore Neighbor’s Association, Lakeland, FL. I have not yet received the results of their August 15, 2011 6:00pm meeting at City Hall. I will post updates. The purpose of this post is to invite dialog and provide resource information.

Florida Power and Light provides web sites www.fpl.com/energysmartflorida and www.fpl.com/contents/privacy_policy.shtml. These sites will suggest that there are benefits including improving the efficiency of meter reading and billing, increasing the quality of customer service by eliminating the need for estimated bills, saving staff time and fuel, preventing recording errors and minimizing the need for personnel to go on the property.

The privacy concerns from citizens are denied by FPL. They will tell you they only monitor how much electric you use, not how you use it. When I asked them how they interface with Grid Glo I was referred to a supervisor. I am still waiting for a reply. I urge you to research gridglo.com. The company is located in Delray Beach, Fl. According to the web site, utility companies are rapidly installing smart meters resulting in massive amounts of data being gathered. Grid Glo assigns an EPM score, (Energy People Meter) which is a real time digital fingerprint of people’s energy use.

Web sites opposing Smart Meters continue to grow. Concerns over violations of our fourth amendment persist: www.stopsmartmeters.wordpress.com and www.refusesmartmeter.com. You can also contact florida@bansmartmeter.com for local information.

To date FPL has not addressed the health concerns. What are the risks from the microwave radiation are detailed by Dr. Zory R. Glaser Ph.D. www.zoryglaser.com and “The Sage Report sagereports.com/smart-meter-rf . Excerpt from the Sage Report *the reflectivity of polished metal surfaces is usually quite high (such as stainless steel and polished metal surfaces typical in kitchens.

In my next post I hope to have the answers to:

Do Smart Meters have a second antenna that will eventually talk to my appliances? Will my washer and refrigerator report me? Use www.govtrack.us and read bill S398 Implementation of National Consensus Appliance Agreements Act of 2011, HR 2208 Smart Grid Advancement Act of 2011 and HR 2748 Smart Electronics Act.

Are Smart Meters UL (Underwriters Laboratory) listed and certified? Of the people I have talked to they do not see the UL tag on their meters.

Some Smart Meters are being installed with prior notice to the home owner and some meters are installed without any prior notice. In my next post I hope to have photo examples of both. If you search google you can see the different types now available. Ask your family and friends to look at their own house and submit pictures.

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22 Responses to “Smart Meter???”
  1. Lisa says:

    Our local government in Lakeland denied the request for an opt out option citing cost issues. I turned away the first installer. I representative came to my home today and advised me my power would be turned off if I did not agree to the installation. I told him I have a nine year old daughter. We agreed to the installation.

    • sosfl says:

      To our Lakeland friends,

      You have the right to request that you be put on the “Delay List”. You have the right to maked your voice heard! Unless we become “letter writing machines”, our elected officials do not know that we have serious concerns. Many elected officials have never even heard of the “Smart” Meter. Remind them that there is NOT ONE LONG-TERM HEALTH STUDY BY ANY AGENCY REGULATING THIS DEVICE! The FCC and the PSC are not health and safety agencies! There are however, many working to eliminate this terrible program such as; Dr.Magda Havas, Prof. Daniel Hirsch, Dr.David Carpenter, Dr Karl Maret, Scientist Rob States, Orlean Koehle, Joshua Hart, Sandi Mauer,Cindy Sage, Deborah Tevares and more.
      Smart Meters were never held up for public debate, never legislated and there is no informed consent! If this is so safe why is this so stealth!!! Life long, low level, pulsed non-ionized radiation is not proved to be safe.
      Those most at risk are childeren, the elderly, those with medical implants, those with immune disorders, pregnant women, those who live next to large banks of meters, those who have work related daily exposures to radiation etc. This is the new involuntary & invisible pollution of our era. And now, get ready for smart water and gas meters to complete our mesh network of exposure. Sarasota: your Smart Water Meter installation will be done by December!!!

      See the many You Tube videos. Rely on no one, do your own homework. Contact your commissioners, 45 counties in California have bans! See emfsafetynetwork.org and bansmartmeters.com. Educate others and speak out even if you have the meter. Many, many thanks to Janet Campbell for this important post. She is a true patriot!!

      • terry says:

        What else is the government going to regulate without our permission? You can’t drive a car without them telling you to use a seatbelt. You can’t grocery shop without them telling you what you can and cannot buy. You can’t buy insurance unless they have all of their regulations appkied to the policy.
        I guess the next thing is that we will be told where we can go, what we can say and on and on. It is getting to be too much.
        we need to put a stop to the regulations before it is too late and we have no more freedom..

      • sherri west says:

        has anyone ever heard of the smart meters causing a home fire.i would really be interested to know thank you

      • Jennifer Gabriella says:

        Can you hook me up with people in Gulf area Florida north of Homosassa or elsewhere – I became ill and nearly died from wireless radiation. I was an architect and want to have electricity again. (Have not been able to tlerate it at all for 3 years). Let me know how I can help. I plan to spend each winter in Florida (Oct 1 thru May 15 each year) and want to build tiny safe cabin. Hopefully will eventually have an anlolog meter and electricity (I am a writer and miss being able to fully use a computer.) Let me know if you know plans for Dunellon, Chrystal River, Brooksville and any updates on Orlando etc. Thank you. I will assist in any task as well as I can

  2. laura henning`` says:

    Thank you for alerting us to the Smart Meters. It was news to me. The thought of our appliances being monitored is scary and creepy.

  3. sosfl says:


    Janet, It is distressing that only 13% of those signing in on the Smart Meter survey feel that this is a public health threat. Concern is growing on a national level. I would gladly give up privacy or pay the higher billings if I knew my children were 100% safe. To date, there are NO long-term health studies by any regulatory agency on the pulsing wireless transmitter soon to be on every home in the nation. I recieved a call last week from Dr. Sam Milham (author of Dirty Electricity) he is just one of the physicians sounding the alarm. We all tend to lean on the “normalcy bias” and think no one will hurt us. More than ever, it is important to do your own homework. Please see the above link. Remember, it is important for government and business, “TO FIRST DO NO HARM”.

  4. Two more MUST SEE sites with studies:
    Please also click on my name to see my important links to sites on how smart meters DO NOT save energy, how they reveal your personal energy habits, and how the technology gives way too much control to the people in charge of it (ie., creating a technocracy).
    IF you can stop the installation, you will avoid the health risks. The choices with exposure to the microwave soup in your neighborhood created in the air and on your wiring/pipes/metal ductwork from wireless utility meters are two:
    Either practice the Precautionary Principle because plenty of evidence points to harm,
    or Play Russian Roulette with your family’s health and well-being.

    (And by the way, RUSSIA’s standards for microwave exposure are MUCH lower the the U.S. ones. They had experimented on people, and they KNOW what harm can be done using even low levels of microwaves as weapons (they used it on the U.S. embassy during the cold war, and many people got ill and died…))

  5. sosfl says:

    Charyl, You are absolutely right! FPL has no right to irradiate citizens in their own homes. Please check out Florida’s first website provided by residents in the Gulf Coast area: smartmetermatrix.org. Report fires, surges, high billings bullying and radiation illness at news@smartmetermatrix.org.


  6. laura henning says:

    Janet Campbell, have your come up with any new info on smartmeters?

  7. Florida Power & Light (FPL), the biggest utility provider in the state, kicked off its smart meter roll-out in Miami in April 2009. It is one of the largest smart grid projects in the US. And apparently they’ve maintained a successful news blackout for 2 1/2 years.

    Please share this with friends in Florida. We are being steamrolled here and need help. Site has contact information for Florida utilities (FPL is the largest of at least 18 different companies) and for Florida Public Service Commission, and news (what little I can find) of Florida’s many separate smart meter roll-outs.


    California is protesting smart meters. See: http://stopsmartmeters.org/

    Thank you!

  8. sosfl says:

    Peaceful Protest at FPL Headquarters

    When: Tuesday Oct. 25, 2011 10:00 am
    Where: 700 Universe Blvd off US1
    Juno Beach
    Bring your friends, signs, cameras and banners
    Stress safety, park legally, stay on the public right of way only
    Car pool if possible

    We do not consent to involuntary, irradiation of our homes as well as surges, fires, unfunded liability, high billings, and the threat to our long term health and privacy. Elected officials and public health authorities have been circumvented for over 2 years and roll-out continues on to unsuspecting citizens. We ask FPL to do the RIGHT THING: HALT THE SMART METER TODAY until it is proven safe for all.

  9. PBCTP says:

    The above Call to Action is NOT sponsored nor encouraged by the board of Palm Beach County Tea Party. Our tenets are Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government and Free Markets. This topic does not fall within that scope.

  10. mack k says:

    I had our smart meter removed and the analog replaced, over protestations from FPL that my concerns over health problems my family developed after its installation was misplaced. A month later, we were all beginning to feel only a little better because though we had ours removed, all our neighbors still have them so we are exposed to the wireless mesh being produced by those as they broadcast to the neighborhood NAN every few seconds. I’d give anything to sell my home and move to a rural area not awash in wireless pollution but in Florida, you can’t give your property away.

  11. norm says:

    Under the guise of public interest it appears you are concerned more about someone discovering the extra wattage you are using to grow your marijuana plants.

  12. Ben says:

    Hey Norm, your comment was pretty lame but the ironic part is you’ve almost hit the nail on the head; Looking at the big picture it appears that the government is using the power companies for the EXACT purpose of discovering that extra wattage people might use for the purpose of growing plants. We already know that law enforcement pays off power companies for homeowners’ power bills, but until now they had no way of knowing what any of the wattage was being used for. either way, I find it hard to believe there isn’t some sort of hidden agenda behind this smart meter scheme. The evidence of that is the fact that many are being installed without the homeowner’s consent/permission, or under the threat of having their power turned off. That should raise a red flag to everyone.

  13. Janet Campbell says:

    If you have time and want to hear some valuable information go to http://www.ircgov.com/Boards/BCC/2012.htm select video for April 3. Here are American citizens standing up against the big power companies. I still maintain that forcing the smart meter on to American homes is simple wrong. There should and must be an Opt Out option without and penalties.

  14. Janet Campbell says:

    Indian River County Patriots and Commissioners worked together for a resolution. Follow this link http://www.ircgov.com/Boards/BCC/2012/agendas/BCC041012AP.pdf pages 176, 177, 178 for additional information. All counties should do this and federal hearings need to follow. This is a start and my heart felt appreciation to all that volunteered their time and energy to make this happen. People can make a difference!

  15. Nancy says:

    apparently we are already co0mplying……without our knowledge….explains why our security light won’t function correctly as it is within 20′ of the “smart meter”./ Looks like the sam,e time my heart started racing the meter was installed. Or just coincidence. No priopt problems. Healthy and fit till about 5 mo. ago. I went through all heart test and all came back normal. You tell me.

    Nancy Branch

  16. Harry Downing says:

    I refused my smart meter and put a padlock on my box. I am researching solar panels and if pushed I intend to go solar with the new thin film panels. If FPL tells me they are going to cut my power I intend to say go ahead. You want to know how to stop this, if communities go off the grid FPL will get the mesage.

  17. This is the first I have heard of this, I can not say if its good or bad…

  18. Janet Campbell Janet Campbell says:

    The candidates are beginning to understand and stand up for their citizens. http://www.examiner.com/article/libertarian-florida-house-candidate-comes-out-against-smart-meters

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