Colonel Mike McCalister Highlights Wellington Chapter Meeting

Expecting 50 people, over 80 attended the meeting at Bink’s Forest Country Club.  We opened with a song….the Star Spangled Banner by Maria Bennett. Gina Rascati, Central County Co-Ordinator stressed the need to organize in order to effect success in 2012 by delivering 27 electoral votes from Florida. 

Col. McCalister gave a passionate presentation invoking several ovations from the crowd.  Gina Rascati wrapped up the meeting by emphasizing the three tenets of the PBCTP: fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets.  Adding that no matter what one calls themself, whether Democrat, Republican, Independent or Other if they ascribe to these principles then they are Tea Partiers.

Pictures by Boris Balaban and Delia Menocal.

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