Palm Beach County Gun Show

I spent my Saturday morning working our table at the gun show, and I am so stoked I just have to share it.  It was fascinating to stand there and watch such a cross section of America.  The ages went from toddlers to octogenarians; they were all races, all nationalities; from well-dressed couples to tattoo’d guys that look like they had just ridden their motorcycles 500 miles to get there.  I saw kids with purple hair, and kids being carried by their Moms.  Lots of men and women who were proud to have served their country in the military.  Parents asked for a copy of the Constitution, so their kids could read it, and they could have a family dialogue about it.

The support for the Tea Party principles was almost universal; the only criticisms I heard was that we didn’t go far enough.  There was universal disdain for the current ruling class in Washington, and a passionate desire to get our country back.  Of course, I did get a lot of good natured kidding about being a terrorist, and personally causing the downgrade in our credit rating.  I had people tell me that Bush must still be our president, because he’s the cause of any bad news.

All in all, an uplifting experience, convincing me we’re on the right track, and that the things we’re doing are important.

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