Redistricting affects you – come to the sole PBC legislative redistricting mtg

As a result of the census, reformulation of voting districts are underway from the municipality level up to Congressional districts.  Various criteria are used to determine the size and makeup of all of those districts and readjust them based on the changes that occurred in population and demographics over the last 10 years.

This may mean that your current Congressional Representative no longer has a district, or you no longer live in his/her district.  It may mean the same for your state Senator or Representative.   There are redistricting public hearings in process throughout the state.  The sole redistricting meeting for Palm Beach County Citizens will be at FAU Boca Raton on August 16 at 10am.

For the latest information check the calendar with meeting details at on the public hearing schedule.  You can RSVP on their calendar, but it isn’t required.

You can use a tool on the same website to create your own districts and see how difficult it is to do at: the Florida Redistricting main website.

Here’s a Post on Politics  article on potential impacts locally – both Allen West’s Congressional District 22 and Lizbeth Benacquisto’s Fl Senate District 27 are at risk. (note that the article says the meeting begins at 8am, however the Redistricting website says 10am).  Check the redistricting website prior to going for schedule changes.

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