Leadership (or lack thereof)

The dictionary defines a leader as “a person who has commanding authority or influence”. Amusingly, another definition is “a blank section at the beginning or end of a reel of film or recorded tape”. Which is President Obama?

Studies have shown that of the five most important traits of leadership, honesty is number one. When the population detects discrepancies between what the President says and does they lose trust in him and his ability to lead is diminished.

There has been absolutely no leadership from the White house on the country’s spending problem. It seems like the White house has an anti-leadership posture preventing anyone else from exerting leadership as well.

What is the President’s problem? Is it an inability or unwillingness to lead us away from the abyss? Maybe the problem is he has never had any leadership experience.

The President tells the members of congress of all political persuasions to get together and solve the problem but contributes nothing to a solution. And when someone stands up to his inadequacy he storms out of the room in a fit. Then it seems all he knows how to do is call another meeting. If the consequences were not so serious, it would be a joke.

And it is not the first time the President has been exposed to a problem and has walked away without marshaling the country’s resources to address the problem.

The President’s lack of leadership results in the country’s march straight to Armageddon.

Where will he be then?


2 Responses to “Leadership (or lack thereof)”
  1. Ed. . . Great read.

    The really scary part is the idea that OBama is doing exactly what his handlers programmed him to do. He creates chaos, and pits citizens against citizens in order to move the spotlight off him while his handlers steal whatever resources the US still has, and then uses the ill gotten gains to fund his coronation and feed his minions.

    Where can you get a copy of the Manchurian Candidate when you really need it?

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