Congressman West Under Attack

Congressman Allen West has been under attack due to his support for the House Speaker Boehner’s debt-ceiling plan that passed the US House yesterday but was summarily tabled by the US Senate.

Please read this letter from Congressman West and let us know what you think.

Read the letter here


One Response to “Congressman West Under Attack”
  1. rbander1 rbander1 says:

    My question is this. Does this bill reflect the views of the Tea Party? I don’t think so, but I could be wrong. If it isn’t in keeping with our values then it is a vote for tyranny. If I’m wrong then please enlighten me. I feel that giving these crooks one more dollar is a travesty. When I saw that Rep. West was on board with this I thought maybe I’d missed something, but now that I’ve gotten to see what the politicians have done I feel betrayed. I pray to the Lord that I’m wrong.

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