Meet-up at Gardens Mall

The new Palm Beach County Tea Party will hold its first Meet-up from 10 to 11 am on Monday, July 4th, Independence Day!  The location is the food court, second floor, at The Gardens Mall at 3101 PGA Blvd, Palm Beach Gardens, FL.  The purpose of the Meet-up is to meet local Tea Party members and other like-minded people.

We want to recognize you so please wear red, white, and/or blue and bring a flag no bigger than an 8 1/2 x 11″.

Also, please bring your friends!


5 Responses to “Meet-up at Gardens Mall”
  1. lectron8 says:

    I have watched the Repubs & Rinos always either selling out or retreating in the face of the unrelenting liberal media.
    The first thing we need to do is educate the masses. We have to spend money on developing & partnering with conservative musicians & film makers. My belief is most people when presented with truth & consequences will side with conservative principles. As an example, recently speaking with a very liberal student I proposed that out of fairness her good grades should be lowered and shared with those who didn’t study because they were to busy with other interest. Naturally she was not agreeable to this. I told her this was socialism and now she has changed her political views. It is amazing when you take the time to explain and make it personal how people will change. We need to educate.
    Secondly we do have to give people hope. Not the BS hope & change from BO but the realistic hope, that you can achieve anything you want! but YOU have to work for it. We can guide, and even lend a hand, BUT YOU HAVE TO WORK FOR IT.
    Thirdly me thinks GREED has done more to damage U.S. than anything else. We need to teach the christian principles from an early age and STOP GLAMORIZING the rich and decadent lifestyles.
    Fourthly I don’t know if this is achievable but we should somehow go after the monies from the crooks in government that caused the economic collapse. The Barney Franks, Chris Dodd, and the rest of them. Only in government is there no accountability. Even when caught & dealt with they still keep the booty. This should be seized and applied to the deficit.
    There I said my peace!

  2. mary.paley Mary says:

    I hope to be there–thank you for the invite! ;~)

    Mary Paley

  3. Hugh Barclay Kee Barclay says:

    We heard about this from a friend who heard it on the Joyce Kaufman radio show 850AM.
    In searching for verification, I could not find it anywhere on the internet.
    It’s the best kept secret in Palm Beach County.
    See you there (I hope).

  4. Frits says:

    Yeay, and the site is so clear and organized, We were SFTP members and we never bought one “tea shirt”.

    Congratulations Pam.

    We may give this another try


    • Pam Pam says:

      I hope you join us on August 1st for our first meeting with Congressman Allen West as our keynote speaker. We will be sending out details soon. We need to get people to sign up on this website so that they can get our emails. . . we are starting from scratch in developing an email database. Please let others know about us, ok?

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