Janet’s Story

After the Obama election my daughter came to my house crying, feeling that evil had gained. I told her to keep her faith. Month’s later friends of my husband came for a visit. Two lawyers and a mathematician who proudly proclaimed their contributions to the Obama election. I said nothing. A year later the same people said they would never vote again. At that moment in time I said that is it. I have had enough of depending on other people, parties, organizations, churches and whoever else proclaimed to be best for my country. I had no political experience but my personnel mission was to find out what I, Janet, could do to support my sense of fairness.

When Obama said not to listen to Fox news I figured it was a good start. I listened for a long time. I took Glenn Beck’s University classes. When Nancy Pelosi said the Tea Party was astro turf I went on the web and found one, called and went to a meeting. They were talking about some big event at the Borland center. I had no idea what they were talking about but I had a date, time and address so I went. They asked me to hand out index cards for questions, and I did. I saw Allen West going to the bathroom and stopped him. I told him if I do not shake his hand my daughter would be mad at me. That is about all I remember of that night.

When Pam asked for a volunteer for oversight I accepted. That night I walked out of the meeting with one word: Thomas.gov. From there on there have been many, many sites I have learned to search though. I sat at my computer for hours searching and learning.

When I heard about something important going on in Tallahassee I went. Thank God my husband went with me. His sense of direction and calming influence was invaluable. I knew a little about one thing and stood up and talked about it. Scared to death, by the way.

When the November elections came around my husband, who would have not voted, saw my commitment and voted with me. It was very satisfying knowing that Allen West got one more vote because of me.

When my husband heard Allen West was not off to a good start because of his chief of staff, I made it a quest to find out whom this Joyce Kaufman was. I found out and sent a letter to her thanking her for all her work. I remembered her from the Borland event.

When Pam asked everyone to get on Twitter and Facebook I did. I had no clue how they operated or why. I have no idea how my input affects anything. I just knew this was something I can do.

When they asked me to stand on a street corner I did. Not my long suit. Having had polio when I was a kid and now having the late effects of makes it very difficult.

I had absolutely no need for a smart phone or a new computer. I now have them both. Again, it is something I could do.

I share my early days of being an activist to underline what my objective was then, now and always: what can I, Janet, do to support my sense of fairness. My faith has always been my compass and Jesus has always been my guide. I do not know, and maybe will never know, if anything I did or will do will have the slightest impact. But I do know for certain I can always look into the eyes of my grandchildren and know I, Janet did all I could do. I can stand before my God and be grateful any for opportunity He has given me to help.

Telling my story is something else I can do.

(Comment from editor:  Janet is now a Founder and the Board Secretary for the Palm Beach County Tea Party.)


4 Responses to “Janet’s Story”
  1. Iris says:

    Beautiful, Janet – thanks for sharing!

  2. Marge says:

    Janet, As a new member of the Tea Party, I enjoyed reading your story. I am looking forward to attending my first meeting. I have been a member of Palms West Republican Club in Wellington, for a couple of years, but felt that I had to do more to assure that Obama and his administration are OUT of the White House by 2012, for the sake of our 4 young, grandchildren and to save our country. I resigned from the church we attended for 15 years, when it became apparent that being “politically correct” was more important than living by God’s word. Thankfully, my husband and I have found another small church, where God and Country come first, not big government. Thank you for you service to the tea party. I look forward to doing my part, too.
    Sincerely, Marge Fitzgerald, Wellington, FL

  3. TSanchez says:

    Thank you Janet for an uplifting and inpiring story. There is something to be said for stepping out of one’s comfort zone and searching for their own truth. Please keep sharing your journey!

  4. Mary says:

    Janet, you are totally inspiring!

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