Honor Flight – One Last Mission

Join us as a community to help fly our WWII veterans to Washington DC on Wednesday August 26, 7:30pm, Roger Dean Stadium.  Read More →

Rebecca Negron on Common Core

The Common Core standards and the processes that they have created, have a wide impact on K-12 education, with policy implications at the local, state,... 

Rafael Cruz Brings Energy to Tea Party Meeting

Pastor Rafael Cruz, father of presidential candidate and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, brought his particular brand of bible driven politics to the PBCTP on... 

$725M County Budget Proposal Largest in History

The county budget proposal, to be discussed in the first budget workshop on Tuesday, June 9 at 6pm, proposes flat millage at 4.7815 producing $57.5M in... 

Carly Fiorina’s Debut in Palm Beach County

In a quickly expanding field of GOP Presidential hopefuls, several candidates stand out for what they are not. Most have been in the political arena... 

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